The Life She Creates

Available January 19th

Can Granite Springs provide healing and a new beginning?

Peta Forrest has arrived in the country town of Granite Springs determined to help her granddaughter cope with her mother’s brutal murder and create a new life for them both.

Frank Beattie, owner of The Bean Sprout Café, has finally accepted that his ex has moved on, and so should he. He finds himself drawn to the town’s new arrival – a woman whose vulnerability calls out to him.

While Frank piques Peta’s interest, her courage and energy are channelled into a dilemma she hadn’t anticipated – fighting for the right to care for her granddaughter.

Tempted to lean on Frank for support, she’s not convinced he’s over his ex and is wary of becoming involved.

Can Peta create the new life she’s seeking, and will Frank find the happiness he deserves?