Celebrating the release of Madeline House – Snapshots of Florence

To celebrate the release of Madeline House, book 3 in my Oregon Coast Series, I thought I’d share with you some of the locations which my characters visit. These are places which my husband and I have visited many times over the years when visiting my mother-in-law who relocated to Florence in her eighties and is the inspiration for the character of Maddy.

Old Town, Florence is a delightful spot. Its narrow streets are lined with many well-preserved historic buildings like these which are now home to restaurants, galleries and curio shops plus several bookshops, one of which provided the inspiration for Ellen’s shop, The Reading Nook. It’s a place where you can almost smell the history. Many of the buildings date back to the early twentieth century and have gone through several incarnations.

2004-06-30_032_Florence 2004-06-30_030_Florence

The favourite haunts of many characters are Mo’s Seafood restaurant with it’s signature clam chowder…

IMG_0467     IMG_0469

… and the coffee shop opposite Ellen’s store which is based on Coffee Roasters where my husband and I have often enjoyed coffee on the  deck just like Jenny, Ellen and Beth. In keeping with the changing face of the street, this cafe was originally a garage.
IMG_0474      IMG_0473

I hope this helps bring Florence to life for you.

You can buy Madeline House at getBook.at/MadelineHouse

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When Beth Carson flees her controlling husband, a  Sydney  surgeon, and begins a new life in Florence, Oregon, she  thinks he can’t hurt her anymore. She’s  wrong. Set on the beautiful Oregon Coast this is a tale of a  woman  who seeks to rise above the challenges life has thrown at her and establish a new life for herself.



Wishing you happy reading.



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  1. Hi Maggie, it is lovely to see the pictures. Makes me realise how well you’ve captured the look and feel of Florence in your books. The coffee shop overlooking the river is exactly how I pictured it!

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