Granite Springs Books 1-3

  Come to Granite Springs where it’s never too late to fall in love.

Meet three of the women of Granite Springs in three full length

novels filled with emotion. Stories about friends and families, loss, hope, love and all that comes with the dynamics of family life.

“I totally adore this series – wonderful stories, the best of writing, characters who have become friends, a vividly drawn setting, a touch of tension and intrigue, a few moments of drama, real lives I always feel privileged to share.” Being Anne

Jo and Col are old friends at the start of a new relationship. Following Jo’s divorce and the death of Col’s wife, the pair find comfort in their common grief. But as they tentatively explore their new relationship, they have little idea of the challenges that lie ahead.

Kay and Nick both have troubled pasts and are hoping for a second chance. But just as their friendship begins to morph into something more, the combined actions of Kay’s daughter and Nick’s children reinforce the many doubts the couple have on embarking on a new relationship.

Lyn and Owen aren’t an ideal couple. Owen is the exact opposite of everything in Fran’s well-ordered world and reminds her of a past she has been at pains to forget. And Owen’s country idyll isn’t proving to be as peaceful as he imagined.