Granite Springs 4-6

Come to Granite Springs where it’s never too late to fall in love.

The continuing story of the women of Granite Springs in three novels filled with emotion. Stories about friends and families, loss, hope, love and all that comes with the dynamics of family life.

“Maggie C is so talented at uncovering people’s vulnerabilities and writing them with such sensitivity and wisdom. Her characters from previous books always accept and envelop the new ones with such warmth and understanding. Who wouldn’t want to live in Granite Springs?” Reviewer

Lyn Hudson’s father’s death forces her back to the town she fled at eighteen. Ken Thompson was cheated out of his inheritance in the family property, and now his plans for the future are shattered again. Can Lyn and Ken start afresh, or will Lyn once again abandon Granite Springs and their chance at happiness?

Marie Cunningham’s life falls apart when she is thrust into caring for her teenage niece. When recently divorced Drew Hamilton arrives in Granite Springs to take up the position of principal at the local high school, he is struggling with the role of single father to his teenage daughter. Can Marie and Drew find their happy ending?

A year after a devastating bushfire destroyed Magda Duncan’s home, she returns to Granite Springs determined to resume her life and organise a wonderful family Christmas. George Turnbull has always carried a torch for Magda but when he finally musters the courage to reveal his true feelings, a life changing surprise from his past threatens to ruin any chance at happiness. A poignant story of a Christmas friends of Granite Springs will never forget.