Café Cala welcomes Sarah Belle

Hi Sarah, Welcome to Café Cala. Having grown up in the sixties, I love the idea that Juliette time travels back there. This morning I’ve baked up some special coconut and raspberry bread for us. Would you like tea or coffee with a slice (or two)?

sarah belle

Tea please, Maggie. English Breakfast, tea bag left in. One sugar and a bit of milk!

1 Where did you get the idea for Hindsight?

It came to me one morning when I found a wedding ring on the bedside table. It wasn’t mine or my hubbys, and I thought ‘imagine if I put this on my finger and take on the life of that person’. Then it grew from there – what if I walked into my family room and everything was different – like 1961 different, but my family were the same and were unaware of the change. How would I cope as a housewife in 1961 when I am so used to all the conveniences, and modern values now? (the ring turned out to be my hubby’s grandmother’s).

2 What have you found most rewarding about your writing?

Everything! After doing a business degree and working in some mind numbing jobs, I really value the creative freedom involved in writing. In a writer’s world, there is nothing that is impossible. But the best thing is meeting other writers, because we can get together and talk writing for hours and no one’s eyes glaze over!

3 How did you start writing?

I started writing the annual family newsletter and made it a funny one. Then I had my ‘Hindsight’ brainwave and decided that I needed to learn the craft of writing, so I did lots of reading of craft books, joined the RWA and did many courses via Qld Writers Centre.

4 What would you say has helped you most?

Taking the time to learn the craft via QWC, to listen to feedback (even when it stung), and getting involved with other writers. No one will understand the hurdles you face better than another writer.

5 What are you working on at the moment?

I wrote a 25K novella that needs substantial re-workings, and am waiting on an editor to finish critiquing my current novel, as well as plotting another story. They are all in the ‘romagic’ genre – romantic comedy with a dash of magic, such as time travel, spells, imaginary friends, etc.

6 What advice would you offer aspiring writers?

Learn your craft. The more you understand the technicalities of writing, the more you will grow. Never, ever give up. It doesn’t matter what other’s say – if you love it, then do it and keep doing it.

7 Which authors do you enjoy reading?

I love Jo Nesbo, Steig Larsson, Jenny Colgan, Shari Low, and Anne Gracie. I am also discovering an entirely new set of authors through e-books.
HINDSIGHT is available via
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Humour, wit, and just a touch of humility: the swinging 60s as you’ve never seen them before!
The universe has sent Juliette a sign. She wishes it had been an email instead…
Juliette’s career is on fire, her marriage and family are in melt-down, and a red-hot goddess wants her husband. But those are the least of her worries when she wakes up on her lounge room floor in the year 1961.
Without any of her modern conveniences — nanny, housekeeper, surgically attached mobile phone, designer wardrobe, and intravenous lattes — Juliette is just over fifty years out of her comfort zone. But as she takes on the role of a 1961 housewife, with gritted liberated teeth, she discovers an unexpected truth: slower doesn’t mean boring, at home doesn’t mean dull, and priorities don’t mean sacrifices.
As she finds unexpected friendships, a resuscitated love life, tragedy and triumph, Juliette begins to wonder if she really wants to return home after all.

Thanks so much for having me Maggie, you make one mean cup of tea!

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