The Good Sister

The Good Sister Cover MEDIUM WEBTwo Isobels. A lifetime of regret. A love that spans the years

 In 1938, as the world hurtled towards war, twenty-year-old Isobel MacDonald fell madly in love. But fate and her own actions conspired to deny her the happiness she yearned for.  Many years later, plagued with regrets and with a shrill voice from the past ringing in her ears, she documents the events that shaped her life.

In 2015, sixty-five-year-old Bel Davison returns from Australia to her native Scotland to visit her terminally ill aunt. Reading Isobel’s memoir, she is beset with memories of her own childhood and overcome with guilt. When she meets her aunt’s solicitor, events seem to spiral out of control and, almost against her will, she finds herself drawn to this enigmatic Scotsman.

What is it that links these two women across the generations? Can the past influence the future?


“This is a book full of warmth and love and relationships and echoes of the past that make you smile while bringing a tear to your eye, and one that I really didn’t want to end. Just wonderful.” Being Anne

“A wonderfully written historical romance with complex characters, a beautiful setting and an engaging storyline that will have you page turning and wanting more. A great read that you will enjoy.” BP34,Amazon