Band of Gold Cover MEDIUM WEBIf you’re looking for a modern romance to read this weekend you can’t go wrong with this one by Maggie Christensen. This is a tale with very good twists and turns and some surprising outcomes and I can thoroughly recommend it. An excellent debut novel and an author to watch out for. A Woman’s Wisdom

If you feel like stepping into someone else’s shoes for a while – to find out what can happen after devastating loss, betrayal and grief – this is the book to download now!

I absolutely loved this book from the very first page. I think the fact Maggie has chosen a mature-aged heroine and a believable setting is what made this book so special. The way she explored her daughter’s relationship was brilliantly written. I can’t say a bad word about this book and it will make its way to my “to be read AGAIN” pile!  



The Sand Dollar Cover MEDIUM WEBGiving us characters most people can relate to on one level or another, this is genuinely heartwarming stuff which is well written and perceptive. This one is going straight into my Feel Good section.   A Woman’s Wisdom

This is my first by Aussie author Maggie Christensen and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Sand Dollar weaves a story between Australia and the US; it’s a story of heartbreak and second chances. I loved the well rounded and very real characters – Maddy was adorable; eighty three years old and full of spirit and compassion, love and understanding. I have no hesitation in highly recommending The Sand Dollar as an excellent and enjoyable read.

It’s a thoroughly enjoyable read, bringing to life interesting and some very genuine characters in a plot full of twists and turns that seem improbable, yet still believable. About second chances very much later in life, it’s a love story many of us might like to own.


The Dreamcatcher Cover MEDIUM WEB

Maggie Christensen writes as well as she always does, giving mature love a place in the romance genre for those who are tired of reading about those beautiful creatures in their twenties who want to have babies. Maggie gives us lovers who are more sure of themselves and who they are but who have different priorities and responsibilities to sort through in order to make love work for them. What I also like about Maggie’s writing is that she gives her character’s believable personalities and allows them to react in ways which are true to life and not either all sweetness and light or villainous. Ellen can be quite gnarly at times which made me smile as every menopausal woman out there will know exactly where she is coming from. A Woman’s Wisdom

Maggie has skilfully linked the characters in The Sand Dollar to those in this book while also exploring relationships with newly introduced people. It makes this book a stand-alone story but with a sense of familiarity.














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  1. Champagne for Breakfast has been a delight to read. The author Maggie Christensen took me back to Noosa where I spend wonderful 15 years. Every page I turned I felt I was right there at this beautiful place. Another fantastic read.. Thank you Maggie

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