Café Cala welcomes Tess Woods

Hi Tess, welcome to Café Cala,

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I’m delighted to have you visit Café Cala. I’m looking forward to reading Love at First Flight. I’ve been making chocolate brownies this morning. Would you like tea or coffee with yours?

I’m a green tea addict thanks, Maggie, so I’d love a cuppa to go with your yummy-scrummy brownies.



1 Where did you get the idea for Love at First Flight?

It actually came to me out of nowhere in an almost dream-like sequence – quite the eerie experience! I hadn’t considered the idea of ever writing but suddenly felt compelled to write the scene that revealed itself to me and the whole book came from there.

2 What have you found most rewarding about your writing?

The connection with readers who my story has resonated with has been incredibly special. It’s been an unexpected but magical part of the experience and I cherish those connections.

3 How did you start writing?

I literally sat with pen and paper and wrote a book!  I hadn’t written a single thing before then.

4 What would you say has helped you most?

As far as my writing goes, I think the people who had input into the story were the ones who helped me grow the most and shape my story-telling. Meredith Whitford my manuscript assessor, Jacinta di Mase my literary agent, Di Blacklock my structural editor and Maddie James my copy editor. I learnt so much from each of these amazing ladies.

5 What are you working on at the moment?

I’ve actually just finished my second novel, Beautiful Messy Love, which is the sequel to Love at First Flight.

6 What advice would you offer aspiring writers?

My advice is forget everything you’ve been told by anyone and write the story you want to write the way you want to write it. There is WAY too much readily consumed information for writers these days and I think a true writer writes from the soul, not from stuff they read on Google or Facebook so shut it all down, lock yourself away and write!

7 Which authors do you enjoy reading?

My favourite authors are Maeve Binchy, Marian Keyes, Rosamunde Pilcher, Adriana Trigiani – all write warm stories of the heart that aren’t predictable and I love that. Lately I’m enjoying Aussie authors like the brilliant Jenn J McLeod,  Deborah Disney,  Sara Foster, Kylie Kaden and Lily Malone to name a few.

Thanks so much Maggie for a lovely interview xx

Love at First Flight:

Love at First Flight Print CoverWhat if you met the love of your life and he wasn’t your husband? An AusRom Today People’s Choice Award winner that will appeal to fans of Liane Moriarty, viewers of Offspring, The Good Wife and movies like Up in the Air.

Mel is living the dream. She’s a successful GP, married to a charming anaesthetist and raising a beautiful family in their plush home in Perth. But when she boards a flight to Melbourne, her picture-perfect life unravels. Seated on the plane she meets Matt, and for the first time ever she falls in love.

What begins as a flirty conversation quickly develops into a hot and obsessive affair with consequences that neither Mel nor Matt seems capable of facing. As the fallout touches friends and family, Mel’s dream romance turns into a nightmare. She learns that there are some wounds that never heal and some scars that you wouldn’t do without.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT will take everything you believe about what true love is and spin it on its head.

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Booktopia buy link and it can also be found in all bookstores and wherever eBooks are sold online


Celebrating the release of Madeline House – Snapshots of Florence

To celebrate the release of Madeline House, book 3 in my Oregon Coast Series, I thought I’d share with you some of the locations which my characters visit. These are places which my husband and I have visited many times over the years when visiting my mother-in-law who relocated to Florence in her eighties and is the inspiration for the character of Maddy.

Old Town, Florence is a delightful spot. Its narrow streets are lined with many well-preserved historic buildings like these which are now home to restaurants, galleries and curio shops plus several bookshops, one of which provided the inspiration for Ellen’s shop, The Reading Nook. It’s a place where you can almost smell the history. Many of the buildings date back to the early twentieth century and have gone through several incarnations.

2004-06-30_032_Florence 2004-06-30_030_Florence

The favourite haunts of many characters are Mo’s Seafood restaurant with it’s signature clam chowder…

IMG_0467     IMG_0469

… and the coffee shop opposite Ellen’s store which is based on Coffee Roasters where my husband and I have often enjoyed coffee on the  deck just like Jenny, Ellen and Beth. In keeping with the changing face of the street, this cafe was originally a garage.
IMG_0474      IMG_0473

I hope this helps bring Florence to life for you.

You can buy Madeline House at

Madeline House Cover MEDIUM WEB


When Beth Carson flees her controlling husband, a  Sydney  surgeon, and begins a new life in Florence, Oregon, she  thinks he can’t hurt her anymore. She’s  wrong. Set on the beautiful Oregon Coast this is a tale of a  woman  who seeks to rise above the challenges life has thrown at her and establish a new life for herself.



Wishing you happy reading.



Café Cala welcomes Louise Guy

Hi Louise, welcome to Café Cala,

Louise Guy HeadshotI’m delighted to have you visit Café Cala. You are making such a splash with your Crafters’ Club Series and I know my grandchildren love them. I’ve been making a raspberry and yoghurt loaf this morning. Would you like tea or coffee with yours?

Hi Maggie, thanks so much for having me. I’m delighted to hear your grandchildren are enjoying the books. Your baking sounds delicious! I’ll have a green tea, thank you.


1 Where did you get the idea for The Crafters’ Club books?

The idea for the Crafters’ Club formulated when I was trying to get my eldest child interested in fiction. Whilst he could read well, he was reluctant to read fiction and I was frustrated, thinking he was missing out on such a magical world. So I decided to put my women’s fiction on hold and write a book for him. At the time his two interests were Minecraft and aviation and I thought Minecraft would be an interesting place to set an advenCrafters club SocialMediaBookCover7ture. I wasn’t aware at that stage that 100 million people play the game and that my readership could span so far beyond my own son.

One book led to another and so far seven books are available in the series. Book Seven, The Secret, has just been released and books eight and nine are in production and planned for release later this year.



2 What have you found most rewarding about your writing?

In addition to seeing my eldest child now devouring The Wimpy Kid series, Andy Griffith and a number of other fiction titles is certainly a highlight. However the most rewarding are the messages I have been receiving from parents of reluctant readers. For many, the Crafters’ Club have been the first books they’ve read by choice, and they are re-reading them!

3 How did you start writing?

I started writing in 2003 when my husband and I paused for a break on a trip around Australia. I’d always wanted to write fiction and had dabbled a bit, but it was during that trip I formulated my first full length novel. It was romantic suspense and is now buried at the bottom of a very deep drawer!

4 What would you say has helped you most?

The writing community and writers I’ve been lucky enough to meet on the Sunshine Coast have definitely been a huge help.

5 What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently finalising book 8 of The Crafters’ Club, The Promise and have just sent the first book of my new series, The Secret World of Curly Jones, to beta readers. Curly Jones is aimed at 6-10 year olds. I’m also trying to do final edits of my second women’s fiction novel, Rainbow Bay.

6 What advice would you offer aspiring writers?

To write, write, write! And surround yourself with other people who write. Online and in-real life writer friends make a huge difference. They are supportive, interesting and I think a must.

7 Which authors do you enjoy reading?

I have a huge list of favourite authors. I’ve just had a few days to myself in Fiji where I devoured two Kristin Hannah novels which were excellent. I also loves anything by Erica James, Liane Moriarty, Diane Blacklock, Sarah Belle, Kylie Kaden, and of course your own stories. Writing for children, and having children, also has me reading Roald Dahl, Andy Griffiths, Jeff Kinney, Brian Falkner, James Phelan and many others.

Crafters club BookCovers

You can purchase the Crafters’ Club books at most bookstores, or via – links to Amazon and other online purchases are available at the Crafters’ Club website.


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