Café Cala welcomes Nancy Naigle


Hi Nancy, welcome to Café Cala,


It’s great to have you visit Café Cala. I’ve been making some pecan pie this morning. Would you like tea or coffee with yours?

Thanks for having me. You know this southern gal loves some pecan pie! It’s one of my fav-fav-favorites. Why else would I name one of my favorite love stories Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies? I’ll have coffee with mine, please.

1 Where did you get the idea for MINT JULEPS AND JUSTICE?

We’ve had such a great time with the titles in the Adams Grove series like Sweet Tea and Secrets and Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes. It was so much fun coming up with them and I always had my facebook friends help toss out ideas. My editor had always loved the idea of mint juleps in a title so when I was working on the fifth book in the series I decided to incorporate something in the story that could help carry that title. Mint juleps are really just a small part of the story. The heroine, Brooke Justice, has relocated to Adams Grove and is trying to leave a bad marriage behind. She seeks help and safety from Mike Hartman only to end up in more danger than she’d started.

The whole idea of this book came from the idea of seeking refuge only to find yourself in deeper trouble, but still overcoming all of the adversity. Life has a way of inserting trouble, sometimes catastrophe, into our best plans. Hopefully, this is the kind of story that reminds us to be agile and trust that the right things will happen no matter what.

2 What have you found most rewarding about your writing?

Touching a stranger in some little way. Maybe it’s tickling a memory, or making them think about something just a little differently, or maybe finding hope or possibilities that they hadn’t realized before. Books enable me to cross paths with people I may never have met. It’s a blessing.

3 How did you start writing?

My mother was always scribbling in a journal when I was a kid, and she’s an amazing poet. She even wrote songs for a long time and had a couple recorded. Mom and I used to make up stories about people in passing cars, or at the mall. We had a ball doing that and we could go on for hours making up a tale about complete strangers as if we actually knew. The storytelling is what led to the writing. I didn’t seriously sit down with the intent of finishing a book until after I turned 40 though. That year I realized that I’d spent all my time making other peoples dreams come true and if I wanted to live my own dream…step one would be finishing one of the many manuscripts I had laying around.

4 What would you say has helped you most?

I think what helped me the most to get on the track toward publication was meeting like-minded folks through the writing organizations. I think you really need to know and understand the business to be able to navigate the process. I think too that once I realized that my voice, my story, was what was special and not five-hundred rules…and trust me it seemed like everyone had a set of them I had to follow…that I could just write what the stories I wanted to tell and they’d find a home. It’s really easy to get paralyzed by those so-called rules.

 5 What are you working on at the moment?

I’m putting finishing touches on a novella that I am contributing to Sweet Talk, one of three amazing collections of new stories curated by Brenda Novak. We’ll be raising money to FIND A CURE for Diabetes with the proceeds from the sales from these box sets à Sweet Talk (contemporary romance), Sweet Dreams (romantic suspense) and Sweet Seduction (erotic romance) feature new work and will be available for $9.99 for a limited time, starting May 1, 2015. I’m so excited to be a part of something that can make such a big difference. I hope everyone will put this on their calendar and keep an eye out for it. Here’s a sneak peek at the cover!

6 What advice would you offer aspiring writers?

Finish the book. Keep track of how many words you can comfortably write in whatever time you have. Even if it’s 20 minutes a day…that’s fine. If you can only write for 20 minutes three days a week — do it! It will add up. Make a plan, then follow through with it. If you really want it, and you don’t give up…you will get there.

7 Which authors do you enjoy reading?

Oh gosh, that’s always the hardest question. I love a wide range of books and styles and so many of my friends are amazing authors. But here are a couple. I love reading Mary Kay Andrews southern stories because she makes me laugh and I love her colourful settings. Carl Hiaasen writes the most amazing characters. They are totally unforgettable. And although I know this one sometimes strikes a nerve with other romance authors, I’m a huge Nicholas Sparks fan. I love his stories, even if sometimes in my head I have to pretend the hero lives on 😉 My favorite book is probably TIME IS A RIVER by Mary Alice Monroe. I absolutely love that story start to finish, and the edition with the blue rocky stream and single yellow leaf on the cover sits face out on my bookshelf.

mintjulepsandjustice smalledited

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Excerpt from Mint Juleps and Justice:

Transferring from her old position had been one of the hardest to decisions Brooke Justice had faced. Those farmers back in Virginia Beach had taught her as much as she had them in the beginning. College hadn’t prepared her for the real-life problems farmers faced, but she’d been a quick study and they’d taken her under their wing. She loved that job, but her separation from Keith had gotten out of control and putting some miles between them seemed like the right thing to do when the opportunity arose.

Brooke gathered a stack of soil sample kits and a notebook with the list of her appointments for the day, then grabbed the keys to the truck the county provided for their use. She headed out the back door of the Main Street office where the truck was parked.

The little white four-wheel drive pickup was much more suitable to the roads than her own car. Many of the roads were still unpaved in this county. In Virginia Beach they’d provided her with a vehicle, too, only it was a big twelve-seater passenger van. It was a bear to maneuver and forget about parking it.

The first stop on her list of appointments was to check in with the farmer who would be supplying the market lambs and goats for the 4-Hers. They’d weigh and tag the animals in preparation for the nominations next week. She worked her way through the next three farm visits, a mix of crop and livestock farmers and then tapped in the address on the GPS for the farm on Nickel Creek Road. It was less than eight miles away. Nervous excitement built as she got closer to Kasey Phillips’s farm.

Just one turn off Route 58 and she was there. She pulled into the driveway of the sprawling white ranch with the red metal roof. A nice barn and lots of high dollar fencing was already in place. Some goats lay chewing their cud under the shade of a huge pecan tree in the front pasture. From here it looked like mostly clover and weeds, fine for goats, but the horses would go hungry in that field. There was tall fescue too—that could spell disaster for a horse farm that planned any type of breeding program.

A bright red cardinal fluttered by as she got out of the truck. Cardinal, good luck. Seeing the good luck sign calmed her. The lucky signs might have started as a fun diversion when she was just a kid hunting for four-leafed clovers with her brother, but over the years luck signs had become kind of like a second religion for Brooke. She believed in it, and it could make or break her day.

The front door opened and, at first glance, the height of the man sent her heart racing. For that one fleeting moment she thought it was Cody Tuggle, but then she caught the brown hair peeking from beneath the cap and realized it wasn’t. Wishful thinking. At least the ball cap didn’t bear a tractor company theme and it wasn’t camo like those of ninety percent of the guys she met during these visits.

He met her on the driveway extending his hand as he approached. “Hey there, I’m Mike.”

“You’re the farm manager?” Brooke asked.

He raised his brow slightly, and then smiled. “Yeah, I guess that’s me. For now.”

Nice voice and good looking too. He might even be better looking than the music man. His eyes were almost too blue for a dark haired man, and the tan showed them off just right.

It was hard to not stare into those baby blues. “I’m Brooke Justice.” She shook his hand feeling tiny in his presence. He stood a good foot taller than her, with broad shoulders that pulled his t-shirt taut and biceps…well, let’s just stop this gawking right here. “I was told y’all wanted to work on a pasture and grazing rotation plan. Want to show me around?”

“That’s right. We do.” He motioned her to follow. When they got to the back of the house he jumped behind the wheel of a Polaris Ranger, and she climbed into the seat next to him. He hit the gas pedal on the utility vehicle and it lurched forward.

She sucked in a breath as his arm flung across her mid-section with lightning speed as she ricocheted back in the seat. His softball-sized bicep didn’t go unnoticed, nor did the way it flexed when he repositioned his hand on the steering wheel. She knew she’d need to check out the rest of him as they sped through the smooth terrain.

They rode the entire property line first, then backtracked, stopping to talk about each area that was fenced off.

Brooke listened and took a few notes. “Y’all are in really great shape here as far as the fencing goes. Whoever set this up had some experience. It’s already cross-fenced, so you’ll be able to rotate to get the most from your pastures.”

“I can’t take credit for that. Guy that remodeled this place had been a farmer his whole life. Horses, cattle, goats. He remodeled this place for his wife as a surprise. He died. She’s moved on.”

“Is she the one who’s engaged to Cody Tuggle?” She wished the words hadn’t tumbled from her mouth, but there they were. Daddy’d always said he’d named her right because words rushed right out of her like water over the rocks, and there was no stopping them.

“Sure is,” he said with no hint of emotion either way.

She tilted her head. “That bother you?”

“That Kasey has moved on? No. Cody is a nice guy. They’re good together.”

“You’ve met him? And he’s nice?” she said with a little too much enthusiasm. Hello, mouth, quit going all fan girl on me.

“Sure.” He leaned forward on the steering wheel. “Why do you look so surprised? Famous people can’t be nice?”

“No. Not that, I just never met a star before. It’s kind of cool that he’s going to be moving here.”

Mike tugged on his hat. “Well, not right here. He and Kasey are building a place on the acreage on the other side of that fence line. They bought the adjacent land all the way to the next curve. About four hundred acres.”

“He bought the cut-over from the timber company?”

Mike nodded. “They did, but I think they’re actually building on the far end. That land is still cropland right now.”

“The old Doyle farm. I know of it. Nice piece of land.” Too bad it wouldn’t be farmed, though. She didn’t like to see cropland lose its purpose. Once that cycle was broken, it just didn’t come back. More and more of it was being repurposed for non-agricultural use. A bad thing for the county.

Brooke wondered if she’d get the chance to meet Cody Tuggle when they got ready to do something with that land. Probably not. He probably had “people” who would handle those conversations too. When she looked up, Mike was staring at her like he was waiting on a response. Just how long had she been standing there daydreaming?

“Cody’s mother is going to be using this property. She’s the one who is into race horses.”

Hugging her notebook to her chest, she asked, “How long have you been working with race horses?”

“Me?” Mike chuckled. “I don’t have any experience with race horses…with the exception of a few lousy bets.”

“I’m sorry, I’d just assumed you–”

” Of course, you would, but no, I’m just doing a favor for Kasey, the one who is engaged to your favorite singer. She asked me if I’d take care of things for her while they are away. It was a win-win since I wasn’t sure where I was going to put down roots when I got out of the military. This kind of helped me make the decision.”

“Nice town to put down roots. I just moved here myself. I’m a Virginia Beach native.”

“I’ve been here for a while now. Was your Dad in the Navy?” he asked.

She nodded. “A pilot.”

“How are you adjusting to Adams Grove?”

“I like it. I never realized just how loud it was out there near Oceana until I moved here. What a difference.”

“The quiet is nice. When my parents split up, my brother lived in Virginia Beach with my mom. I stayed up this way with Dad. I kind of prefer the wide open spaces.”

“Well, welcome home then.”


He looked like he was going to ask her something else, but chickened out. “I won’t be actually managing the farm. I’m just helping coordinate things that need to happen before all that, but I’ll be your guy for a little while.”

My guy? In another lifetime that would have thrilled her. “Got it. Well, I appreciate you giving me the tour, and look forward to working with you for a little while, Mike.” She knew she should be done with this appointment by now, but she was still curious about him. Another few minutes wouldn’t put her too far behind schedule. Usually she was meeting with married couples wanting to give the country life a try in their second half of life or lifetime farmers with big guts. It wasn’t often she got to visit with young, hot, available men. Not that she was in the market for one and she’d already proven with her track record with “nice” guys. “What branch of the service were you in?”

He pulled off his sunglasses. White squint lines framed his eyes against his very tanned skin. “Marine Corps.”

“Of course you were.” He had Marine written all over him: muscles, confidence, and blue eyes just plain begging her to get lost in them so he could rescue her.


Café Cala welcomes Rachel Bailey

Hi Rachel, Welcome to Café Cala,

Rachel Bailey2

It’s great to have you visit Café Cala. I’m looking forward to reading The Summer of Jake now that I’ve finally bought myself a kindle. I’ve been making some chocolate brownies this morning. I know how much you love chocolate!

1 Where did you get the idea for The Summer of Jake?

I started with two separate ideas. The first was that I wanted to write a make-over story where it was the guy getting the make-over – it just sounded fun. The other idea was that I wanted to write about a surfer. I’d grown up around the beach and my other half is a surfer, so I have a soft spot for them, but hadn’t seen many books centered on them. So I combined the two elements and wrote a story about a pro-surfer who gets a make-over from his little sister’s best friend.

2 What have you found most rewarding about your writing?

Hands down, hearing from readers. I love the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a book that I’m proud of, but hearing from readers about their enjoyment, or the book affecting them is magical. Even hearing via reviews, for example, one reader said in a review of The Summer of Jake, “after reading this book it made me call my son and talk to him”. That’s pretty special.

3 How did you start writing?

When I was a child and teenager, I wrote a lot of bad poetry and the start of several books. Fast forward a few years and I just sat down one day and wrote an entire manuscript. The book was bad and will never see the light of day again, but it was enough to show me that I liked writing, and to seek out ways to improve. I haven’t stopped since.

4 What would you say has helped you most?

The romance writing community, no question. Especially through the Romance Writers of Australia. The conferences, workshops, critique partners, support, contests and circle of friends has played a huge role in helping me to where I am.

5 What are you working on at the moment?

The sequel to The Summer of Jake, which follows Scarlett’s story with her best friend, Finn. (If you’ve read The Summer of Jake, you’ll know that Scarlett is the woman Jake is trying to impress.) I’m having so much fun with it!

6 What advice would you offer aspiring writers?

Write, write, write. You learn mainly through writing, and putting new things you learn from workshops and craft books into practice. Also, you’ll go through an apprenticeship – don’t begrudge it. Embrace it. It’s all part of the journey. And, finally, keep the faith.

7 Which authors do you enjoy reading?

There’s a huge list of authors I enjoy, so I’ll tell you my most recent favourites: Sandra Antonelli’s Driving In Neutral, Barbara DeLeo’s The Bouquet List, Amy Andrews’s Holding Out For A Hero, and (re-read) Jennifer Crusie’s Faking It.

The Summer of Jake



Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan…

Life is just dandy for aspiring fashion designer Annalise Farley. She has a great job (or she will once her designs are discovered), parents who only slightly disapprove, a cat that thinks she’s a dog, and a best friend…even if she hasn’t seen her in a while.

But then Jake Maxwell saunters back into her life. Jake, the love god. Jake, her best friend’s older brother. Jake, who broke her heart at sixteen without realizing it, then left to become a pro surfer. Now he’s back, having taken the surfing and business worlds by storm, and he’s ready for a new challenge—catching the eye of another girl. And he wants Annalise’s help.

Helping Jake land his next girlfriend is too fraught with emotional danger for her liking, but then Jake offers to put her designs in his shops. Is that the sound of her life cracking at the seams? It’s hard to tell with Jake smiling at her like she’s the only thing that makes him happy…






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Rachel Bailey is a lover of books, chocolate, dogs, and ice cream. Luckily, she has three dogs, an ice cream maker, a steady supply of chocolate, and bookshelves overflowing with books, so she’s covered on all fronts. Her books have hit the USA Today bestseller list, are published in over twenty-six countries and have been translated into sixteen languages.